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i forgot how tumblr works and i think i aged 47yrs; that being said i got 31 upvotes on reddit in the past 7mins, can we just make a Social Media Currency? (not bitcoins coz i’m too stupid to get it). I still maintain that the currency of the future is a gobby and a sandwich, ‘coz who could say no?”

I dreamed I had a widows peak and I’d never felt so beautiful.
My hair was silver and the air was thick. I was a shell and I was empty but the weight of the world kept me grounded. 
Everything changed and you were there and the husk of myself became flesh and bone and I cried;
I cried for you and I cried for me and I cried for the gravity of the situation,
Something I could actively do and have an end product to show.
We were in a city and it was busy and I was scared
And you took my hand like you always did and told me ya-got-me.
Your hand felt like twigs and i couldn’t grasp it like I was used to so I kept trying and trying
But frustration got the better of me and I yelled at you for changing and you yelled at me for expecting it to be the same after all these years
And you broke my heart all over again.

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